Technical Visualisations

Kuro Dragon produces 3D subsea animations and 3D offshore animations for the oil and gas, and renewable energy industry. We also create 3D animations of products, processes and systems for the engineering industry. These animations communicate key messages for our clients. Our technical animations serve a variety of purposes, they are used; at exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, events, as training tools, in proposals, on websites and across our client’s marketing material.

TV & Commercials

We also produce 2D and 3D animations for a range of television networks. These animations are used for TV title sequences, TV commercials and within TV programmes. We can oversee an entire project from an initial brief, through to storyboarding and production. We can also collaborate with our clients internal creative teams and provide any required aspect of production.

Mobile & Interactive

We provide interactive animations for a broad range of uses. These 3D interactive animations are used on mobile apps, interactive websites, and games. We collaborate with advertising and digital agencies to create animated content. Our interactive work includes; product demonstrations, interactive maps and environments, training tools and e-cards.


We create explanation and promotional animations for a number of clients in differing industries. These promotional animations visually communicate key messages/benefits to our client’s potential customers. They also demonstrate complex explanations in an engaging, visual method. Our explanation and promotional animations are used on client websites, in presentations, in proposals, and across a range of our client’s marketing material.